Laminate Flooring and Steam MopYou love the idea of faster, easier cleaning with a steam mop but wonder if you can use one on your beautiful laminate floors, right?

The answer is no in the majority of cases and I’ll explain why.

Don’t worry, though, I’ve got a couple of solutions for you! I wouldn’t leave you high and dry. I know you want to get the job done more quickly and easily.

What is Laminate?

Laminate is manufactured flooring that most often resembles the look of natural hardwood but is made from layers of material pressed together. Those layers include a top coat (the seal coat that protects the flooring), a picture of the texture (yes, do you believe that? It’s a PICTURE of wood!), a wood composite layer, maybe a structure layer for support, and finally a moisture barrier on the bottom.

It comes in squares or planks that click together and is meant to be installed without the use of glues or adhesives.
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Haan Multiforce SS20 Steam Mop ReviewRating: 4.7 stars47 Reviewed by Erica
Months ago, I bought the Haan Multiforce SS20 steam mop and have FINALLY finished my review. And you know what? This product made me feel completely unnecessary – in the best way possible!

This is the cheapest model in the company’s Multi-force line up – a set of red and black steam mops that all include one very interesting feature called CR-Motion. The mop head is actually two heads and the motion feature rotates those mop heads for extra scrubbing power without my having to lift a finger.

Of all the different brands and models I’ve reviewed and tested this is my favorite. It costs more but I’ll explain why later and considering it’s remarkable performance on grout I consider it money well spent.

Previously I’d written that you couldn’t find a stick mop that would clean grout. Well, I was wrong. I found one. However, it does need some help when it comes to grout – nothing too tedious or back-breaking, though.
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Bissell Steam Mop Select Titanium 94E9T ReviewRating: 4.2 stars42 Reviewed by Erica
The “Titanium” in the name of the Bissell Steam Mop Select Titanium 94E9T refers to the color – but what a great way to catch our attention because it makes us think of something powerful and strong. Fortunately, it’s not misnamed. I’ll give it marks for getting the job done and it’s easy to use.

There are a couple of differences between this and other comparably priced options and I’ll break those out for you in this review so you can make the best buying decision for your own home and your floor cleaning needs.

The 94E9T is a stick steam mop made for cleaning hard floors. It does not work on carpet nor can it be used on vertical surfaces like shower walls and windows.
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Cyber Monday Steam Mop DealsI’ve been busy this morning scouting out Cyber Monday deals on steam mops to share with you and found a couple of interesting finds for 2013.

I’ll continue to update this page as I come across additional savings opportunities.

You can click on any of the images or links below to learn more about each deal. If you come across any you think I should add please feel free to share in the comments section. Thanks!
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Steam Mops Sanitize FloorsAfter having gone through thousands of online reviews about steam mops I’ve noticed five issues that come up over and over. Thought I might put an end to a few of those myths before you, too, fall into their trap.

These misunderstandings have been niggling at me the past couple of weeks and the more I come across them, the more I wince.

Ever talked to someone who has a catch phrase that they use over and over and once you become aware of it you can’t help noticing it? You start counting how many times they use it in a sentence or you place bets with your friends on how long before it comes out of their mouths again.

I think there was a whole “How I Met Your Mother” episode about that very thing…but I digress…

The fact that these same questions or beliefs keep coming up, though, is a sure-fire indicator that there’s some confusion out there regarding how steam mops work and what they will and will not do. If you understand these five things going in, you’ll be better equipped to make a good decision and will be more satisfied with the product you get.
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Swiffer Bissell Steamboost Steam Mop ReviewRating: 3.3 stars32 Reviewed by Erica
Two powerful companies teamed up to create the Swiffer Bissell Steamboost steam mop but I think there’s a big misconception floating around about this model and it’s an important point that needs to be understood before you decide whether it’s the right choice for you.

Here’s the issue; I read a ton of reviews where the consumer said they’d never found it “so easy to sanitize their floors”.

Uh-oh – Houston we have a problem. Neither Swiffer nor Bissell make any claims that this mop nor the cleaning solution in the pads will sanitize your floors. Not in the manual, not in their product descriptions, not in their videos, nor anywhere on their sites.

This machine isn’t meant to sanitize and won’t do so the way it’s being used. Its main purpose is to get dirt off the floor and the steam is used only to heat and activate the cleaning solution that is built into the refill pads.
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