EricaHi, everyone! My name is Erica Ryan. I’m a self-employed writer, mother of three boys, and wife to a very patient husband who doesn’t mind that my hands seem to have become permanently attached to my laptop.

Bear with me while I talk about my mom for just a minute. Considering Mother’s Day is just around the corner (as I write this), it seems appropriate to mention her long list of talents. My mother is quite the artist. She loves to paint, draw, sew, knit, needlepoint, make her own gift cards and her cooking would hold up to Martha Stewart any day.

Why do I mention this? Because none of that DNA came my way.

In terms of skills, I take after my father. Logical, analytical, and sure that every life decision can be made with a good spreadsheet. I love to write, research new topics, and dig up information that’s hard to find. If a project has anything to do with numbers, I’m your girl. Cooking may not be a specialty but I can clean with the best of them.

Now, add to that about 2000 square foot of tile and linoleum in my house and you can start to see how the idea for this site came together.

ChihuahuaDirty grout. Boys shoes that drop endless footprints on light colored tile. Little chihuahua prints that dot my kitchen floor after it’s rained. My floors take a lot of time to keep clean and the thought of all those chemicals we were using to clean them was starting to worry me. My husband was always commenting, too, that a freshly cleaned floor felt sticky because of the different detergents being used.

A hand mop was just way too much work, ate up too much time, and was a pain to keep sanitized. Steam has been a wonderful solution but the choices for a steam mop are mind-boggling. Through this site I’ll explore the different options, research products so others can make informed decisions and provide tips on how to use steam to clean your home.

I hope you find this site becomes a wealth of information on the subject.


Erica Ryan
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