Steam Mop vs Regular Mop – Which One Wins?

Steam Mop vs Regular MopIn a head-to-head steam mop vs regular mop challenge, which do you think would win?

I have my thoughts and they disagree pretty strongly with an article by Consumer Reports.

If you think you’re the last person on the block to make the switch to using an electric mop, you’re not. In a very informal poll of 10 people I know (my parents, siblings, 4 neighbors and myself…) only two of us had a steam mop and one of those only recently went to using one after he saw me use mine.
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My Brother Walks Off With My Mop

PuppyOkay, my brother didn’t REALLY walk off with my Hoover TwinTank steam mop but I think he wanted to. He and his wife and their three girls were here for about a week and a half a few months ago. Our puppy got just a little bit excited when he saw new kids to play with and at one point – as you might expect – he had a little accident.

My brother and his family have a two year old dog and they’re completely familiar with how these things happen but surprised at how calmly I responded. I pulled out my steam mop, cleaned up and we were on to other things in just a few, short minutes.
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My Tile Grout Revealed

Clean and Dirty Tile GroutMy first thought was that I shouldn’t have moved the carpet. I’d forgotten what my tile grout was supposed to look like but as soon as I moved my kitchen table and the throw rug it sits on, there it was – clearly revealed in the Arizona sun shining through the nearby patio doors. What a pretty color!

Too bad that’s not what the rest of my tile floors look like. See that outline in the image showing where the rug had been sitting? The difference is shocking – and mortifying. Even the tile looks a different color.
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