Can You Use a Steam Mop on Laminate Floors?

Laminate Flooring and Steam MopYou love the idea of faster, easier cleaning with a steam mop but wonder if you can use one on your beautiful laminate floors, right?

The answer is no in the majority of cases and I’ll explain why.

Don’t worry, though, I’ve got a couple of solutions for you! I wouldn’t leave you high and dry. I know you want to get the job done more quickly and easily.

What is Laminate?

Laminate is manufactured flooring that most often resembles the look of natural hardwood but is made from layers of material pressed together. Those layers include a top coat (the seal coat that protects the flooring), a picture of the texture (yes, do you believe that? It’s a PICTURE of wood!), a wood composite layer, maybe a structure layer for support, and finally a moisture barrier on the bottom.

It comes in squares or planks that click together and is meant to be installed without the use of glues or adhesives.
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Cyber Monday Deals on Steam Mops

I’ve been busy this morning scouting out Cyber Monday deals on steam mops to share with you and found a couple of interesting finds for 2014.

I’ll continue to update this page as I come across additional savings opportunities.

You can click on any of the images or links below to learn more about each deal. If you come across any you think I should add please feel free to share in the comments section. Thanks!
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5 Steam Mop Myths That Might Trip You Up

Steam Mops Sanitize FloorsAfter having gone through thousands of online reviews about steam mops I’ve noticed five issues that come up over and over. Thought I might put an end to a few of those myths before you, too, fall into their trap.

These misunderstandings have been niggling at me the past couple of weeks and the more I come across them, the more I wince.

Ever talked to someone who has a catch phrase that they use over and over and once you become aware of it you can’t help noticing it? You start counting how many times they use it in a sentence or you place bets with your friends on how long before it comes out of their mouths again.

I think there was a whole “How I Met Your Mother” episode about that very thing…but I digress…

The fact that these same questions or beliefs keep coming up, though, is a sure-fire indicator that there’s some confusion out there regarding how steam mops work and what they will and will not do. If you understand these five things going in, you’ll be better equipped to make a good decision and will be more satisfied with the product you get.
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One Point for a Rectangular Mop Head

Square or Rectangular Steam Mop HeadI’d wondered if there was a benefit to choosing a steam mop with a rectangular mop head over one with a triangular shape and I just found a big one.

This is just one of many, seemingly small questions that have popped into my head while researching the different models. Yes, I think its even starting to impact my dreams at night.

As a consumer, though, I can’t help noticing there are these two different shapes and it causes me to think – why did the manufacturers do this? There has to be some reason, right?

It can’t just be because the designer at one company has always liked rectangles while another has always liked triangles. There has to be a purpose.

For all I know, the reason could be as simple as being able to use smaller packaging and reduce costs.

While steam mopping one of the bathroom’s last night, though, I discovered one reason you might consider going with the rectangular shape.
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Compare the Cost of Different Mop Types and Save

Cost to Mop FloorsHave you ever wondered how much you spend each year mopping the floors in your home? I compared the costs of different mop types to figure out the answer to that very question.

In my calculations I included everything I could think of – water usage, cleaning solution costs, electricity used by steam mops, replacement costs for chemicals and pads and even the amount of time each method requires.

I know – sounds geeky, right? But I really am a spreadsheet addict and I like to dig into the facts so for me this was fun. (Yeah, I’m a blast at parties!)
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