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ModelStyleRatingTank SizeSanitizeCord LengthTrigger HandleAttachmentsVertical Surfaces
Haan Multiforce SS20Stick4.711.83 ozEst 8 seconds18 feetNo2No
Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam MopStick4.415 oz15 seconds23 feetNo0No
Hoover TwinTank Steam MopStick4.316.9 oz8 seconds30 feetYes1No
Bissell 94E9T TitaniumStick4.217 oz15 seconds18 feetYes0No
Sienna Vibe Steam MopStick4.110 oz8 seconds16.4 feetNo1Yes
Shark Pocket Steam Mop S3501Stick3.815 ozUnknown20 feetNo0No
Black & Decker 2-in-1Stick with built in hand held3.610.1 oz90 seconds25 feetNo6Yes
Bissell 1867-7 Hard Floor CleanerStick3.317.5 oz15 seconds18 feetYes0No
Swiffer Bissell SteamboostStick3.310 ozNo20 feetYes0No
Eureka Enviro Steamer 313AStick3.1?8 seconds20 feetNo0No
Shark Light & Easy S3101Stick2.07.8 ozEst 8-15 seconds20 feetNo0No

Following are the column definitions:


The first column shows the name of each model that I’ve reviewed. The name is linked directly to my review page so just clicking on the name will take you right to my detailed overview for each model. As models become discontinued, I’ll remove them from this list. New models are added on a regular basis.


There are a couple of different styles of steam mops. The kind that only clean floors and look like a small vacuum are labeled as “stick”. The kind that have multiple uses, a canister, and a hose attachment with a mop head are labeled as “canister”.


The ratings are first based on the average of consumer ratings from multiple sources and then adjusted based on any issues I find are not accurately reflected in those ratings.

Tank Size

This column reflects the amount of water that the tank holds. In many cases, a larger tank size provides a longer mop time between refills.

Seconds to Sanitize

Steam mops are desirable for their ability to sanitize floors without using cleaning solutions or chemicals. However, no steam mop does this just by using a regular mopping motion. Instead, you have to move the mop very slowly and hold it in place over a section for a specific amount of time in order to kill off germs and bacteria.

This column tells you the minimum time required to hold a model in place in order to reach the level of heat necessary to sanitize and comes from the manufacturer’s information.

Cord Length

Compare Side by Side BannerNo one likes a short power cord on a device that you have to move around from room to room. Longer cords equate to less time plugging and unplugging. If you have a lot of square footage to mop then you may be better off with a mop that has a longer cord.

Trigger Handle

Some electric mops have a trigger on the handle that has to be pulled in order to have the mop emit any steam. This can be problematic for those with any joint issues in their hands or who have carpal tunnel syndrome and find it difficult to grip things. I don’t have any joint issues and yet still get some cramping in my hand while holding the trigger on my model.


Stick steam mops might only have a single attachment – the carpet glider. Canister steam mops for floors can have attachments that perform other cleaning chores around the house. Understanding the number of attachments is when you’re looking for a model that will perform multiple tasks is important. More attachments can mean that you’re getting more value for your money. The number that come in the box are shown in this column.

Vertical surfaces

Once you see how well a steam mop works on floors you’re immediately going to want to try it on everything else – shower doors, tubs, sinks, counter tops, your oven, glass doors, windows and anything else you can think of that needs to be cleaned regularly. Not all steam mops handle vertical surfaces. Those that can are noted in this column.

Think of this page as your way to quickly compare steam mops in order to find the reviews on this site that would most interest you.